Express yourself with color

Remember how much fun coloring was as a kid? When you learned to keep the color inside the lines, then learned to make a nice even texture? Rediscover that love of color with Colorist.

Create beautiful, artistic renderings of fantastic places. Relax and color in something complex and patterned. Find a fun book for the kids to color. The only app for Windows to work exactly like real pencil crayons, Colorist is the app you already know how to use.

With books contributed by many different artists, you can easily find something to your tastes. Rather than being forced to choose from hundreds of pictures that all look the same, find an artist you like and support them by buying their book.

Are you an artist and would like to contribute a book? Send a sample page to to get in touch and start selling your own book on Colorist.

Get it on Windows 10